About Us

The Snack Primal Promise

Each package of Snack Primal promises the healthiest and tastiest, walnuts in the world PACKED with plant-based Omega-3 GOOD FAT.

You will achieve the promise of improving your over all nutrition by eating at least one package of Snack Primal walnuts weekly.

We promise that our Crazy Flavors will inspire all kinds of ideas to make walnuts an ‘everyday food’ so you get Serious Benefits daily.

To Snack is Human

As sure as the sun rises and the wind blows,
the urge to snack happens every day.
We are a world that snacks.

We snack to gain fuel;
for health,
with family and friends,
and for fun.

We crave snacks; to nourish us,
to awaken our minds,
to feel full but not guilty,
and to feel connected to each other.

The instinct to snack is human;
hard coded into our metabolism,
to satiate our mind and body;
It’s a part of our daily routine.

Creed of Snack-titude

We Snack for Health

With every sunrise, we humans get another chance to live our healthiest day ever. Imagine starting your morning with little bites of blueberry deliciousness packed with heart, brain, and belly fuel. Imagine enhancing your normal bowl of cereal so it is packed with the protein, fiber, and Omega-3 fatty acids that help you ‘wake-up and crush it’ – pretty cool morning, huh?

The reality is that walnuts are ‘everyday-food’; add them to any meal or grab a handful as a quick snack. Walnuts are the ‘perfect nut’ because just a small handful leaves you feeling happy and AWESOME! Snack Primal for health.

We Snack for Satisfaction

The original humans ate from the land to stay alive. Then we learned to make fire to stay warm, cook food, and tell campfire stories. We’ve always been compelled to satisfy our basic human needs – like snacking! Cravings demand satisfaction! It’s hard to get through the workday if we get a hankering for something sweet or salty or crunchy.

There’s no guilt when you graze, so go ahead and feed your ‘flavor-crave’ with crunchy
walnuts that spice up your day. Flavors like Sriracha can’t help with healthy aging, weight loss, gut health, or a better brain, but walnuts are absolutely proven to help in those areas and more! Give into your snack attack with Crazy Flavor and Serious Benefits.

We Snack for Fun

What separates ordinary humans from cool humans? Playful curiosity! If you’re going to snack, try something fun – you might forever crave it! Getting good nutrients into your body doesn’t have to be boring like broccoli. Fun people break the rules – so we combined the healthiest walnuts in the world with some of the craziest flavors in the world – like root beer!

Now you can easily get the recommended daily intake for nuts to improve your overall diet so you’ll be the life of the party! Be a cool human – Snack Primal.

Prima Noce handles only the highest quality walnuts from the best growers located in the fertile San Joaquin Valley. With pride, commitment and experience in the walnut industry, our mission is to provide our customers with the best product possible.

At our recently expanded facility in Linden, California, we have invested extensively in the latest technology and plant design to produce the freshest, most consistent and shell-free walnuts in the world.

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