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Every one of our walnuts are grown in this
amazing place.

In our small farming town of Linden, California, where the central valley rivers meet, one can find a unique combination of growing conditions suited to raising world class walnuts. Our exceptional area is known for rich delta soil, cooling evening breezes and California’s famous sunshine. Come visit us to taste the difference.

Or you just open a bag of our Snack Primal Walnuts…

Facts on Walnuts

Including walnuts in your healthy-eating plan can help with weight management and reduce the risk of developing obesity.

Blessed with rich soil, plenty of water, warm days and cool nights, Linden, California is the perfect place to grow the freshest, healthiest, and tastiest walnuts in the world. Each walnut season offers new opportunities for at-home cooks to learn about flavors that pair well with walnuts.

The Perfect Environment

During the growing season, our warm days followed by cool evenings provide just the right environment for our to thrive. Our winters are cool enough which allows our trees to take a rest and go dormant, getting themselves ready for the next season.

The Perfect Location

As they say in real estate, location, location, location! We are lucky enough to be located in the best area in the world to raise first class walnuts which are desired worldwide.

The Perfect Walnut

The perfect walnut is fresh, crisp and full of flavor. Our walnuts are harvested at peak freshness and dried to an exact crunch that leaves you wanting to snack more on Snack Primal walnuts.

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